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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I spay or neuter my pet?

There is an over–abundance of stray dogs and cats who lead short miserable lives out on the streets because they are unwanted and uncared for. By not spaying or neutering your pet you serve the risk of contributing to this problem if you haven’t already. For every domesticated animal thet we find a home for there are many more that are born due to owners not spaying or neutering their pets. By having your pet altered you’re not only helping us, you’re helping your community, yourself (millions of tax dollars are spent on animal related health issues every year), and most importantly you’re helping to prevent the neglect and mistreatment of innocent animals.

When and how do I meet the animals?

Please feel free to stop by Petco, San Dimas. We’re there every Saturday from Noon – 4pm. You are also welcome to attend any of our special adoption events; just check our events page for upcoming functions.

How do I get to Petco in San Dimas?

The San Dimas Petco (map) is located between the 10 and 210 freeways, off the 57 Fwy’s Arrow Hwy exit. Exiting the 57 Fwy heading south proceed straight through the Arrow Hwy intersection. You will enter a shopping center with a Target; Petco will be on the left. Exiting the 57 Fwy heading north make a left onto Arrow Hwy from the off–ramp, pass under the freeway and make a left at the light, entering the shopping center. Petco will be on your left.

How do I get a chip or a tag to ID my dog or cat?

Ask your veterinarian about getting a chip implanted in your dog or cat. If your dog or cat becomes lost and is picked up by a shelter they will check for a chip and contact you. Of course, it is most important that you have a tag on your dog or cat’s collar, which should be worn at ALL times. The tag should have your name, phone number, address, and possibly an email address. If your dog or cat responds to his or her name you should include that as well. As for getting a tag made, most pet stores have special tag-making vending machines available. It is also possible to have tags specially designed through many online vendors. It is even possible to have your information stitched directly into the collar so you needn’t bother with a tag.

Where do I go in case my pet has an emergency?

Take your pet to your veterinarian if the office is opened or to the closest emergency animal clinic. Make sure you plan ahead and know where the closest clinic is located and its operating hours before an emergency occurs. This is also vital if you plan on traveling with your dog or cat to an unfamiliar area. Also, it always helps to have some emergency funds set aside should the unthinkable occur.