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New video featuring one of our long-timers at the shelter, Chocolate.

WARNING: Watching these videos may cause you to fall in love with some fairly charming animals

Thanks to Dylan Porter for all his hard work putting these videos together.

FLA video collage

Tatsu and Destiny



Trying something new

We figured we'd start putting up some videos of our animals so people could get a better idea of how adorable they all are. Whatya think? Pretty adorable, eh?

Pit bulls need love too!

We've been doing really well the last month with a bunch of adoptions. We were really happy to get some of our regulars good homes including Sweety, Patrick and Sand Piper. Sweety had been with us for about a year so it's nice to see her get out of the shelter finally and in with a wonderful family.

Part of For the Love of Animals' goal is to try and dispell myths that people may have about pet ownership in general but especially misconceptions about certain breeds. Pit bulls are one such breed. Bailey has written a nifty little column to address some of the misinformation out there about pit bulls.

There are so many simple truths about pit bulls. They have big, gummy smiles. They can be little rockets of energy. They can be stubborn. They are smart and do well in obedience training. They also seem to have limitless affection for us humans.

Pit bulls do not have locking jaws. They are like any other physically strong medium or large breed dog. They do not turn on their owners. Like all dogs, pit bulls develop their temperament and characteristics until they are almost two years old. A well-behaved, good dog given plenty of exercise, obedience training, love and attention from his human family will remain a good dog throughout his life.

Click here to read the whole thing…

Congratulations to us!

Hey, we're doing pretty good lately. Just one adoption this week but that's not so bad when you consider we've gotten six since last weekend, which is pretty darn mind blowing. Congratulations us (but more importantly congratulations to the happy new adoptive families)!

Just in case this isn't news enough I've decided that the following media are so full of awesome you couldn't possible be not smiling after viewing them. Three in a row might just explode your head, which clearly is what I'm going for. Here, in order of intensity from least to most cute (by my unquestionably objective standards), is your weekly dose of adorable: Smiling Puppy, Pesky Pug and Fearless Puppy.

Busy Little Bees

Busy little bee-dog.

It's been a while since I've posted an update on here so if you've been checking the site anxiously every week (like I know all two of our regulars do) I apologize; I hate to keep everyone in such suspense.

We've been really busy the last few weekends, doing our regular Petco adoptions on Saturdays and some larger events on Sundays. Over the last couple months we've participated in the Best Friends Event in Hollywood, Walk for the Underdog in Brea and Whiskers and Tails in Arcadia. We've had a lot of fun getting the dogs out for some activities but not a lot of luck with adoptions. It's tough at these big events with so much competition (despite us having the best dogs ;-). That and summers tend to be a little slow with everyone out on vacation.

In any case we had a pretty good Saturday this weekend with one dog, Goldie and two cats, Loretta and Yami, adopted and boy were we happy. It had literally been months since we'd gotten interests in any adult cats. Hopefully our luck will continue.

To stave off any future boredom here's your daily dose of adorable. And just in case you haven't stood up for a while, some exercise.

Best Friends Spring Adoption Festival 2008

Join us for the annual Best Friends Festival April 27

This Sunday the FLA will be attending the annual Best Friends Spring Adoption Festival. There will be a whole bunch of volunteer groups there trying to find homes for their dogs and cats. And of course we'll be there. Come on by and check us out, we're at booth 56.

Walk for the Underdog

Walk for the Underdog is on its way May 18

Walk for the Underdog

Mark your calendars. The annual Walk for the Underdog event is fast approaching. Come and join us at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles and support the cause. There will be 30 non-profit groups, including ours, that were carefully selected to participate in the big event. There'll be all sorts of fun stuff happening all day. So bring your dog, join the walk and then enjoy the festivities afterwards. Your support allows us and other groups like us to keep finding homes for loving, needy animals. Don't forget to tell your friends!

Updates, adoption events, kittens and… Oprah?

Updates are coming

Hey everyone, welcome to the official FLA site. We're implementing some new changes to the site so please be patient with us.

On top of the weekly updates to the animals section of the site I'm going to start posting some fun info here for your perusal. Hopefully it won't get too boring for ya'll. If it does, feel free to submit links to interesting articles in the world of animal rights, adoptions, etc. If they pass muster I might just link to them here. One of these days I'll get some serious blog power going and maybe allow for reader comments. Maybe. If you're nice.

Orange County Pet Expo april 11-13

It's that time of year again. Time, that is, for the Orange County Pet Expo. Stop by and check us out. It's at the The Orange County Fair Grounds. Don't forget to adopt, of course. We'll be set up at booth 2063 on Friday and Saturday.

If you don't feel like driving all the way out to LA we understand. And we are there for you. A couple of us will still be showing up at Petco as always Saturday, albeit with fewer animals.

Tis the season… for kittens

So yeah, it's spring. That means two things: One, all the youngsters are running around like loons on their spring breaks. And more importantly, two, it's kitten season. We're getting requests every day for kittens and yes, they're coming. They've been getting their shots at the shelter and should be showing up with us at Petco in the next couple of weeks. So wait with bated breath just a tad longer. Kittens shall be arriving shortly.

Oprah covers puppy mills

Good to see this is getting some attention. The despicable practices of puppy mills was covered by Oprah on her show Friday, April 4. Her guest Bill Smith, founder of Main Line Animal Rescue, describes what it's like working with puppy mills:

We form relationships with some of these people, and they're actually the good breeders because they give us the dogs. A number of times they'll call us and give us 45 minutes to an hour to come out and pick up a dog before they shoot it when they no longer want it. It's always amazing to me when I go out to pick up a dog, they've had the dog eight or nine years and it doesn't have a name. It's never been out of the hutch. It doesn't know how to walk. I have to carry it to the car. It's heartbreaking.

What goes on in these places is an absolute nightmare and there is a petition put out by the Humane Society to stop puppy mills. Please do your part and sign the petition. And don't forget to adopt. The puppy mill industry can only whither and die if you choose to support adoption first.